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Phone: +91-9911888220
Jitendra Kumar Mukhi
Founder Secretary
MBA in International Business from Simbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune
PG in Economic from Jadavpur University Kolkata

Who is Jitendra Kumar Mukhi?

 He is a social change activist, motivational speaker, trainer, consultant and community enthusiast. He belongs to Rourkela, Sundargarh, District, of Odisha. He has worked with over 1000 youth groups/ clubs in India and abroad and is a promising youth leader with much involvement in advocacy and lobbying for social change through youth and children/women. Has lead many Youth organizations at the International and National level and has a vast exposure having visited over 28 countries at a very young age.  He has been a part of many international and national projects like the World Tribal Youth Congress in Canada, Asian Leaders Forum in Singapore, WTO Public Symposium in Geneva and Many National Tribal Youth Conventions-India. He was the Secretary of Jago Yuva Bharat and took a Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir from 12th January – 13 March 2011 on the occasion International Youth Year declared by UN. He continues to organize programs through out the country to build awareness and increase participation of the youth in decision-making bodies in the country. He is  the General Secretary of “DELHI TRIBAL FORUM” an umbrella organization of Tribal Activities, lobbying, Advocacy and Policy for the Tribal Organization sustaining and working for Tribal’s in Delhi/NCR . He is the  Founder & Secretary of NOC FOUNDATION (NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR CHILDRENS) a National Level NGO  and   and Parent NGO working for disadvantaged sections of women and children’s along with Tribal Female Domestic Workers/ Farmers and their sustainable developments .

The organization’s vision is to help in establishing egalitarian society without fear of justice and exploitation with equal opportunities for all to grow and prosper. The foundation has obligation to carry on continuous reform for uplifting of the underprivileged people especially Scheduled Tribes.

Helping our Tribal Youth in Creating a Strong and Loving Community that will promote Education, Healthy Habits and the Reclamation of our Tradition & Culture. Involvement and participation of youth would be given priority by the members of our Tribal Community.