The organization has organized various sports to encourage youth to participate in the events. The games are given below:

  1. Running Race
  2. Rope Running
  3. Sack Race
  4. Lemon-Spoon Race
  5. Three Leg Race

‘Sports’ is a State subject and promotion of sports in the country, including promotion of Sports among rural youth is primarily the responsibility of the State Governments and the National Sports Federations (NSFs) concerned. The Central Government complements/supplements the efforts of the State Governments and the NSFs. Government is already running several schemes to increase participation of the rural youth in sports.

At NOC we strongly believe that sports is a very effective tool for the holistic development of children. We want to use sports to create a healthier future generation. NOC is one of the best NGOs working in the field of promotion of sports among underprivileged children.We organize annual sports meet in which around 100 underprivileged children from various NGOs along with the employees of our associate corporate participate. We promote sports as a preferred CSR activity for corporates. Our Annual Sports Meet is an athletic meet for underprivileged children from other NGOs in Delhi/NCR.