The Karam festival of the Tribal’s falls within the socio-religious domain.
The Karam festival is classified as an agriculture festival. In this sense, it
is highly symbolic as it is also associated with the idea of ‘productivity’ or
‘fecundity’. The idea of fecundity applies to the agricultural produce or
crops as well as to the recently engaged girls of the village who venerate
the Karam deity residing in the Karam tree. Thus the Karam festival also
becomes an occasion to petition God for perpetuity of the clan or community through the fecundity of the participating girls of the village. The
Karam festival also becomes a motif because the communitarian fervor is
invoked and enforced through the sacred and secular observance of it.
This year we have organized almost 25000 participants are gathered in a
one place in Delhi Andrewsganj on September 22nd 2019 along with our
Consortium partner AZRA FOUNDATION. So many Eminent Guests are presence and different kind of Cultural Dances were performed including
Phone: +91-9999685650 Western Odisha Organization (JUHAR PARIVAR) Rangabati …..Songs


NOC has been taken the initiative to celebrate the ADIVASI SANSKRITIK MILAN SAMAROH 2019, & CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION on 25th December 2019 at Andrewsganj, New Delhi with his master plan for giving opportunity to enjoy the festival in the Capital of India, as usual like every year he celebrate this festival and intention to give the messages to world that still in India UNITY IN DIVERSITY despite of creed , color, religion, one India One Nation and the Festival is celebrated for Harmony and Peace , NOC trying to preserving the Cultures in the traditional ways despite of religious conflicts and variety of color of cultures, that day almost Tribal / Non- Tribals from different states of India are united together in one place and enjoy with joy and celebrate the existence of Jesus and his massage to world as well as display their existence along with cultural identity in a one platform .

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