Tribal communities constitute the original inhabitants of India since ancient times. There  are 336 tribal communities numbering 12-15 crores. These includes Santhal, Munda, Bhumij, Gond, Oraon, Kol, Savar, Birhor, Chero, Birjia, Gorait, Karmali, Mahli, Kora, Parhaiya, Sauria-Paharia, Kisan, Kharia, Kurukh, Lohra, Ghasi, Baraik, many of whom have migrated to Indian metropolis in search of work. Adivasi dominated states, give nature the utmost importance in every sphere of their life and culture. Each group has their own folk traditions and cultural expressions and experiences. They are maintaining their own unique cultural identity till this day but efforts must also be made to preserve and nurture their original identity.

  • To empower the marginalized tribal communities helping to free them from exploitation and deprivation.
  • Provide long term sustainable means of livelihood to the skilled tribal artists.
  • To help the poor but skilled people to learn and adjust with the modern world.
  • To help the artists to find bigger space and audience to perform.
  • To expose the urban youngsters to variety and flavour of traditional folk performances, Crafts demonstration cum Sale and a healthy alternative to bad food habits.
  • Revive patronage to Tradition arts and crafts.