Founder & General Secretary

Jitendra Kumar Mukhi


Brief Introduction

NOC-FOUNDATION (New Opportunity for Children’s) a grass root level Children/Women lead voluntary Organization was established in 12th April 2010 with the noble aim of upliftment of socially downtrodden communities to both rural and urban areas including the tribal communities of Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarat , Maharashtra & North Eastern States an institutional society was promoted by a group of young social workers and intellectuals , deeply involved in the development of poor residing in far-off and socially neglected areas of urban and rural . NOC today act as a activist and has deep rooted reach to geographically far-off places for developing self reliance among the poor and neglected frame works, it interact with the communities and helps them implement development programs.

NOC works for the total development of the society through honest concern for human being. The organization integrated approach towards helping the integrated development of the disadvantaged section of Children/ Women in the society at risk population has brought about good returns and outcomes. NOC believes that no developmental activities could be possible, unless, broad coverage of human population from all barriers of development of cultural and structural aspects of social changes. NOC aims at empowering the poor rural and urban children/women through organization, building, promotion in decision making, as well as participation in the developmental activities at the grass root level.

Jitendra Kumar Mukhi is a social change activist, motivational speaker, trainer, consultant and community enthusiast. He is also a fearless and courageous and fights fearlessly for what he wants for people and their betterment. He is a promising youth motivator  with much involvement in advocacy and lobbying for social change through youth and children. Has lead many Youth organizations His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and he is keen competitor. He is ardent in work and won’t hesitate to make the first move. He is a very good charismatic Youth leader and believes in leading from the front.  He believes that the youth are the root of any given society and if we can show then good path they can illuminate the whole society through their good work. He believes by motivating the youth he can motivate everybody in a society and family. He believes “JOSH , JAZBA and JUNOON are three pillar of NOC and the same must be induced among the young of Indian to create a better society and further a better nation.