February 12, 2018

Who We Are?

NOC is a non-government, non-profitable society registered under register society Act 1860. The Society had established of 12th April 2010. The prime objective of the organization is to mobilize youth as a vibrant human resource for the overall development of weaker and marginalized sections of the Indian Society.
It has a team of dedicated and committed young social workers, activists and volunteers.
The organization strengthens effort for promoting sustainable and equitable social development.
The society’s focus is on motivating and mobilizing youth for the welfare and development. The organization strives to work for the welfare of one weaker section such as landless laborers, Marginal farmers, unemployed youth, street and working children, rehabilitation center for destitute women, old age persons, health care center, environment, education and workers in the unorganized sectors in India societies.
The Society being a non-political, non-profit making organization serving the people irrespective of caste, color and creed helped the people to stand on their own legs become self-reliant and sufficient.
The organization has been actively engaged in dealing with social issues such as poverty alleviations, community health, environment progression, and employment generation, population control, formal and non -formal education, youth women and children development, the welfare of SC/ST & OBC.
One of its main objectives is to create awareness among the people on social issues, mobilize them for social action and motivate them to work together social development. Since, women constitute the most deprived and exploited section of our society and require special attention for its rehabilitation, the organization gives impart training to women from all sections and make them self-dependent.