February 12, 2018

Our Programmes

The year 2016-2017 was very successful for the organization not only achieved its set targets but also expanded in new areas. To achieve its aims and objectives, it organized following programs and activities: The organization encourages for Computer Skills to the youth/children belong to the weaker section. Their Children/youths are getting computer education at a nominal fee. In this educational, this Organization provides the following Software programmes like Fundamental of the computer, Notepad, WordPad, M.S.Paint, M.S. Word, M.S. Excel, M.S. PowerPoint, M.S.Excess and basic knowledge of internet and browsing. Our society organizes vocational training programme for welfare women, child, and youths belonging to the informal economy. It is not just an organization but also a confluence of three movements- labor, self-reliance, and self-employment. Our society started vocational training programme to encourage self-reliance and self-employment for women and youths who were an unemployed and searching job. In this programme, society started all educated and uneducated persons in view of their requirements. Under vocational training programme our society-started computer training, typing, etc. Nursery Teacher Training means this Organization help for providing training to the Nursery Teachers. This training will help how to teach to the Nursery and Pre-Nursery children and in this course, this must. Provides how to handle the Nursery students. This training helps the trainees for various job offers in Public School and Govt. School. After getting these trainees they can get a job in Public school easily.: The Society has conducted balwadi Classes for poor children aged between three to five years at Sriniwaspuri/Ashram in Delhi. The prime objectives of the classes are to encourage children for attending the school at an early stage and aware their parents to send their child to school regularly for better education. The students have taught alphabets through games which also helps in their physical and mental development.

Approximately 105 Children (male 60 & Female 45) attend the class and benefited by this programEducation has been the most significant area of concern for the Organization. The Organizations hold classes of non-formal education for the children of weaker sections. These children were a victim of all sorts of exploitation and abuse. Their parent did not realize the importance of education for their children. These parents preferred their children stay at home and help their parents in domestic activities. The organization motivates their parents to send their children to school. It also gives free of cost pre-exam coaching and guidance to the children belongs to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and OBC. About 123 students attend the non -formal education in Sriniwaspuri, Delhi.The classes are going with associate NGO name Sahyog Deep Jyoti and NOW, Hero Jyoti Foundation, Adivasi Mahila Vikas Mandal, Delhi Tribal Forum, etc.The organization has offered vocational training to orphan and street children and unemployed youths for social upliftment. Its prime objective was to impart computer training to the poor & orphan children for creating Employment Avenue to them. Several poor children had received proper training from the center and successfully employed n the urban areas.The trained volunteer provides high-quality training to the participants by using various methods and tools. A large number of poor schedule cast women is unemployed to the people. Beside, trainees also get marketing facilities for selling their goods and self -employment opportunities in urban areas. Approximately 120 women benefited by this training. Cutting and tailoring are highly demanded by the local people.

The organization has imparted skill development training on cutting and tailoring, exclusively women who are living below poverty line in Shriniwaspuri, Ashram Delhi. held on 10th January, approximately 145 patients checked up, out of which 65 patients advised for medicines test. They also advised to visit OPD regularly and take medicines properly. The organization has provided free health checkup to the poor, needy women and children. The family planning operations both male and female are done by MCD Doctors with the nomiHealth Programs The society has organized health checkup camps time to time with help of Care Plus Diagnostics and Sara Diagnostics Center, New Delhi. The health checkup camp was held on 14th September, about 120 patients have been checked up and 40 patients were suggested for medical tests and 12 female patients being operated. Second camp null charges Rs.300/- each patient. The camp also provided proper information to the pregnant women and infants about nutritious food and medicines. Page 4 Health & Family Welfare Programs The society has imparted beautician training to young girls and women in Sriniwaspuri and Ashram area. The women participants received both practical and theoretical training by the national awareness trainers. The main focus of the training is beauty treatments like Eyebrow shaping, Pedicure, Manicure, Mehendi, Massage etc. The duration of the course six months, exam conducted every three months, about 95 participants passed in the examination. The organization given certificates to the participants and also provided them employment in Delhi.